A Beautiful Lawn

by Nate on January 14, 2011

A Beautiful Lawn

The modern lawn has fast become the status symbol of today’s suburban family. If you own a house and it has yard space, then more than likely you will have a lawn. For some people a lawn is a very aspect of their house and they can spend a lot of money to ensure that their lawn looks good. There are people who dedicate a substantial amount of money to be sure that they have the most talked about lawn in the neighborhood.

If you want a healthy and great looking lawn then lawn care is important. The lawn care tactics you use are as much a part of lawn maintenance as the actual maintenance steps themselves. Lawn management requires dedication on your part and good application of the skills you will need which are not that hard to understand and learn.

Lawns can come in various types, forms, shapes and sizes. Each lawn has a style and character of its own. There are lawns that boast of verdant gardens. They can be considered as great works of art and perfect as setting in the Florida environment. There are some that resemble the old farm style. They are covered with grass and garden of weeds. The greens can be very relaxing and comforting. Many other lawns can be seen out there that are groomed almost flawlessly. However, no matter what type it is, the most important matter to a lawn owner is to know how exactly to maintain and care for it.

Having the perfect lawn involves many things. There are many ways to care for your lawn. Following are some tips which will defiantly help you in maintaining the proper lawn:

1) Apply water regularly to keep the soil moist.

2) There are different fertilizers available like organic, synthetic, inorganic, slow release, fast release etc. Use the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn and region.

3) Aerate your lawn from time to time.

4) Try to thatch at least once per year. Thatch can stunt the growth of lawns and can prevent healthy growth.

5) Lawn pests need to be managed with organic methods or pesticides.

6) Weeding is very important and should be done in the fall and spring.

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